Cliddesden Millennium Village Hall



Pilates is a group of exercises designed to target the ‘core’.  The ‘Core’ comprises of all the muscles that wrap round the torso, primarily to help support the spine.  I like to give the analogy of the foundations of a house.  If the foundations of a house are weak then the house starts to crumble … similarly, if the core is weak the skeleton suffers!

The exercises are all done on the floor (no impact) and are done to the individual’s own level.  There is no coordination needed. Pilates is good for any age, fitness level, shape or size,  MEN and women! Almost any medical issue can be accommodated … So no excuse!!!

As well as strengthening the ‘core’ I very much focus on posture and stretching, both are equally as important.

Most of all, I want people to enjoy the class and leave with a sense of achievement and smile on their face.

Please do come and see how great it is for yourself.


Friday 8.45am – 9.45am  (bring a long, thickish mat)


Cliddesden Millennium Village Hall


£6.00 per class


Vicky MacAndrew on 07770500663 or